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AIRCRAFTPLUGS is the only company to manufacture and support the complete line of GPU Connectors, Receptacles, Battery Connectors, Potable Water, Lavatory Service, and Pneumatic Air Start products. We take pride as a manufacturer of premium and quality ground support products! World’s largest stock and product range.

General Aviation
400 Hz | MS25486
Battery Connectors
Gse Couplings
400 Hz / 28vdc Assemblies
Power Supplies
Industrial Automotive
Piper Type Plug
3 Poles Rubber Plug
External Power Female
6 PIN Plugs
An2551-rubber 3 POLES 28VDC
28vdc rubber 4 wire inlet
Dust cover
230/400V AC Receptacle
270 VDC – 80 VDC fast charging receptacles
12V Piper Receptacle
400 Hz | Leds | Switches
MS90362 AN3114-1B
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Every delivery comes with the technical data sheets and certificates. Deliveries throughout Europe and the rest of the world are prompt and right on time.