Airstart Hoses

30 ft / 50 ft

Airstart Hoses

Our AIRSTART hose for Aircraft Air Start Units (ASU) is constructed of a high-quality silicone rubber tube that withstands temperatures as low as -80º F (-62.22º C) and as high as 500º F (260º C).

This hose is light enough to be handled easily by one person, and is resistant to heat, solvents, mildew, and fuels.

The hose features a synthetic yarn reinforcement that adds stability while remaining flexible.

The hose has a high burst strength of 400PSI and higher. The scuff cover jacket protects the hose from damage caused by routine use, such as dragging the hose over the concrete ramp.

The scuff cover jacket is made of a closely woven, treated synthetic fabric with abrasion-resistant rubber vulcanized in a spiral to the fabric.

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