Quick Disconnect Plugs and Panel Mount Receptacles.

Quick Disconnect Plugs are the industry standard for the commercial and military aircraft manufacturers of the world.

Aircraftplugs is producing style 1 and style 2 quick disconnect panel mounth receptacles.

High quality pure copper connectors silver plated.

High Power DC Connectors to the following standards.





available in various colors for specific battery applications. Pink=Lead Acid, Blue=Nickel Cadmium, Green=Other Chemistry, and other colors are available for custom applications.

Originally designed for the rigorous requirements of the commercial and military aircraft industry, and capable of delivering 750 amps continuously, with peak currents exceeding 1500 amps, and up to 2500 volts, while maintaining low contact resistance

4 Wire DC Plug or 2 Wire DC Plugs

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Minimum ordering quantity 1 unit.
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