PCA 8 | 10 | 12 inch

PCA 8 | 10 | 12 inch

The Aircraftplugs PCA is used for air conditioning or heating and features a latching mechanism moulded into the connector itself for added stability and strength. This rugged but lightweight connector is UV-resistant, as well as chemical, fuel and solvent resistant.

Used for heating and air condition of the aircraft. This adapter has a 360-degree rotation which allows for maximum airflow of the aircraft by eliminating blocked airways. This adapter comes complete with all the necessary clamps and hoses to successfully operate with the PCA connector.

Additionally, we have available a wide range of PCA hoses, including flat duct no scuff PCA hoses, PCA super hoses, tapered PCA adapters and more.

To store PCA hoses, we supply flat duct reel carts which will not only eliminate obstructions on the ramp by storing these products away, but it will also reduce the wear and tear of PCA hoses.

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