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U heeft het recht om binnen een termijn van 14 dagen zonder opgave van redenen de overeenkomst tot herroepen.


De herroepingstermijn verstrijkt 14 dagen na de dag waarop u of een door u aangewezen derde, die niet de vervoerder is, het goed fysiek in bezit krijgt.


Om het herroepingsrecht uit te oefenen, moet u ons, BVBA DAVIATION, Kruisboommolenstraat 7/9, 8800 ROESELARE, F.: M.: [email protected], via een ondubbelzinnige schriftelijke verklaring (bvb. via post, email of fax) op de hoogte stellen van de beslissing om de overeenkomst te herroepen. U kunt hiertoe gebruik maken van het hierbij gevoegde modelformulier maar u bent hiertoe niet verplicht.


Om de herroepingstermijn na te leven, volstaat het om de mededeling betreffende de uitoefening van het herroepingsrecht te verzenden voor de termijn van het herroepingsrecht is verstreken.


Gevolgen van de herroeping


Als u de overeenkomst herroept, ontvangt u alle betalingen die u tot op dat moment heeft gedaan, inclusief leveringskosten (met uitzondering van eventuele extra kosten ten gevolge van uw keuze voor een andere leveringswijze dan de door ons geboden goedkoopste standaardlevering)


Wij mogen wachten met terugbetaling tot wij de goederen hebben teruggekregen of u heeft aangetoond dat u de goederen heeft teruggezonden, naargelang welk tijdstip het eerst vervalt.


Wij betalen u terug met hetzelfde betaalmiddel als dat waarmee u de oorspronkelijke transactie heeft verricht, tenzij u uitdrukkelijk anderszins heeft ingestemd. In ieder geval zullen wij voor deze terugbetaling geen kosten in rekening brengen.


U dient de goederen onverwijld, doch in ieder geval niet later dan 14 dagen nadat u de beslissing om  de overeenkomst te herroepen aan ons heeft meegedeeld, aan ons terug te zenden of aan ons te overhandigen. U bent op tijd als u de goederen terugstuurt voordat de termijn van 14 dagen is verstreken.


De directe kosten voor het terugzenden van de goederen komen voor uw rekening en worden geraamd op een maximum van .100 EUR. (depending country)


U bent alleen aansprakelijk voor de waardevermindering van de goederen, die het gevolg is van het gebruik van de goederen die verder gaat dan nodig is om de aard, de kenmerken en de werking van de goederen vast te stellen.




1. The present general terms of sale are integrally applicable to each contract of sale with Daviation,with the exception of particulardivergent conditions agreed on in writing between Daviation and the client. By putting an order, the client agrees with these general terms of sale, which take priority of those of the client.

2. The client cannot consider as an offer: the forwarding of catalogues, price lists of price estimates. The conditions mentionned

in these catalogues, price lists, etc. can be modified anytime, this without previous notice.

3. All prices are calculated ‘ex warehouse’  Roeselare. Transportation costs, storage, insurance, etc. are not included, unless explicitely mentioned.

4. All orders confirmed by Daviation will – in principe – be carried out at the agreeed price. Hower, Daviation reserves the right to adjust the agreed price proportionally, incase the price of goods that Daviation purchases from third parties is subject to an increase.

5. Daviation reserves the right to carry out and to invoice every order partially.

6. Terms and/or dates of delivery are given only on an informative basis, meaning they are only indicative and not binding upon Daviation. In case deliveries or the execution of works are delayed, the client does not have the right

to break the contract, and is not entitled to any indemnification.

7. Goods travel at buyer’s risk, even if transport is paid by the seller. .The client is free to insure  these risks. If the client is not present at the agreed delivery address and time, thereby making the delivery is impossible, then the costs for a second delivery will where appropriate additionally be charged and will be payable on the expiry date of the principal amount.

If delivery is impossible because the buyer is absent at the settled date and place of delivery, the cost of a second transport

will be invoiced supplementary, and is to be paid at the due date of the principal amount.

8. Sold goods remain the exclusive property of Daviation, until the client has completely paid the agreed selling price. Right from the moment the goods leave the Daviation premises, the risk of loss, damage or destruction si chargeable to the buyer.

If, at due date, the agreed selling price is not paid. Daviation has the right to consider the contract as dissolved, this after previous

ineffectual formal notice, by means of an unilateral written statement of dissolution, and without any legal intervention required. Daviation is also entitled to an indemnification for the damage hereby sustained. In this case, the client is obliged to

return the goods at simple request. In default of this return within 48 hours. Daviation will be

allowed by right to take back the

goods. In the above-mentionned case, Daviation is also entitled to an indemnification for the

sustained loss. This stipulation acquires the force of explicit dissolution.

9. Complaints about non-conformity and visible failing of our deliveries and performances are to be put by registered mail by regular post within 48 hours after delivery, under penalty of late arrival. All other complaints must be put unter the same condition within 3 days by registered post mail.

The burden of proof of his complaints rests with the buyer.

If above-mentionned case occur, the recovery of debts remains claimable at due date. Protest against pour invoices must be entered by registered mail within 8 days from date of invoice. Shippingcost for damage during shipping is a buyers care.

10. The general terms of supply are applicable. Nevertheless there is a restriction of liability.

Daviation cannot be held responsible for unforeseen, immaterial or indirect (a.o. consequence) damage suffered by the customer or third

parties. In any case, the

liability is restricted to the price of the delivered goods and the delivery costs. The customer regularly

tests the quality of the supplied goods and when lacks are noticed, the processing of the goods is to be stopped. In case of

partial non-conforming or rejected goods, only the quantity claimed to be non-conforming or rejected is to be returned and under no circumstances

the complete order. Daviation can never be hold responsible for any damage caused by goods she delivered, incase these were put in operation by her sellers of on the advice of her sellers by any other third party.

(if buyer performs work on the unit or modification all waranty is void.)

11. The guarantee of the packing will be charged together with the goods. The guaranteed packing stays property of the firm. It has e sent back free in good condition to her warehouse. The packing has to be provided with all the labels and brands, totally

clean and empty.

It may not have contained any other product than it has been charged for.

The repayment of the guarantee will be in any case decreased by the use costs, cleaning costs andrecycling costs. In case the packing has not been returned as there has been stipulated or within a reasonable

periode, the seller keeps the

right of refuse to take back the packing and to charge it to the buyer at the replacement value of theday. Not guaranteed packing will not be taken back.

12. Every payment is done cash, except for divergent conditions, in Pittem. Incase the invoice has notbeen paid within 8 days

after its due date, an interest of 12 p.c. per year, equal to 1 p.c. per month, will be indebted by right, this without previous formal notice.

Incase of complete or partial non-payment of debts at due date, without serious reasons, the

principal amount will be increased by 12 p.c. per year, with a minimum of 62 E and a maximum of 1860 E, even if terms of respite were adjudged, this without

any extra formalities. Expenses caused by unpaid bills of exchange and uncovered cheques, as well as other particular costs of recovery, will be charged additionally.

If 1 of our invoices remains unpaid at due date, all amounts due from the client in default will be immediately claimable, even if conditions of payment were admitted previously.

Daviation reserves the right of stop all further deliveries and works, incase debts remain unpaid at due date.

12 a. no conversation between daviation bvba and buyer might be posted on the internet (forums, or other media.) neither pictures, if failing to do so penalty is minimum 100 €/day.

13. All products which are made upon client request, or have a specific cable length or cable section or aircraft/ helicopter specific  are non refundable products.

14. website is general information and non-binding

15. Aircraftplugs, DAVIATION bvba is not responsible for incorrect assembly of the products.

16. All designs and text is protected by copyrights and remains intellectual property of daviation bvba.

17. Incase of discrepancy between the Dutch text and the versions in other languages of the present terms of sale, the Dutch tekst will be decisive.

18. Incase the present contract or the general conditions are challenged, only the courts of justice of the judicial arrondissement Kortrijk will be competent, Belgian law will be applicable.