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Aircraft, helicopter battery receptacle MS3509.


Aircraftplugs is the only manufacturer in the world certified to produce high current DC connectors for flying vehicles (military, commercial, passenger, cargo, fixed wing, rotary wing, RPAs/Drones).


high current, high voltage DC connectors made by Aircraftplugs in Belgium


Sleeves are solid copper, silver plated. With solenoid pin.


Corrosion proof.  Mates with  MS25182-2 connector.


Cable assemblies manufactured to customer requirements.


Hardness 13800psi.


Glass transition temperature of about 150 °C.


Average change in Resistance after 100 dry cycles: < 2µΩ.


Maximum 1600A based on the resistance this would give less than a .1V drop per contact.


ms3509 MS3509_ MS3509_aircraftplugs lit-mod ms3509 MS3509_2 (2) ms3509_10 ms3509_8 ms3509_9 ms3509_7 dcreceptacle IMG_0904 IMG_0903 MS3509_cover2 ms3509_cover1 MS3509_cover