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MIL DTL 5015 | 26482 connectors


Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) derivative circular connectors exist that intermate with the military versions designed to MIL-C-5015/MIL-DTL-5015. Both COTS and military-style connectors are sometimes called "Type AN" connectors, "MS connectors" "are notable manufacturers of this type of connectors. Aircraftplugs provides a "5015 series" rugged, versatile and environmental resistant connector with proven electrical capability in a cost effective package. 5015 series connectors are medium to heavy weight cylindrical connectors with 5 shell styles, 19 shell sizes and 5 service classes. The 5015 offers 305 contact arrangements from 1-to-104 circuits. Aircraftplugs and is the foremost manufacturer of Type "AN", MS and MS-type connectors with the widest range of connector styles, sizes and variations in the industry


MIL DTL connectors



MIL DTL 5015 | 26482 connectors




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