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Aircraftplugs is a leading producer of aircraft connectors and GSE couplings.


All our connectors are made in Belgium and used worldwide and are available in a wide range of configurations.


Your reliable producing partner for battery connectors and external power connectors and GSE couplings.

Own molding and CNC machines.  We design, invent and produce your connector.

Every delivery comes with the technical data sheets and certificates. Deliveries throughout Europe and the rest of the world are prompt and right on time.


We add value through advanced technologies and durable high-performance products made in Belgium.

Polycarbonate or rubber connectors - 400 Hz  - 28VDC  - AN2551 - 3 poles and 6 poles and with remote switches. battery connectors and receptacles , for military and civilian usage.


Dimensions to Mil spec, ISO 461 (BS4G173:1985) and appropriate MOD (Air) and NSN Standards Cable assemblies manufactured to your requirements avialable.


Send us an email to [email protected] and receive your plugs the same day.

Buy your plugs or cable assemblies locally in europe or in the united states, asia, africa, south america or australia.


Client satisfaction,premium quality, high performance and durable is our main goal.   We do stock connectors all over the world.


Aircraftplugs® is the only manufacturer with a complete line of military tested and approved plugs, NATO listed with enhanced electrical contacts. (CAGE 1225070)


Inquiry / Quote requests : [email protected]



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Large stocks quick deliveries


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Large stocks quick deliveries

400hz_pits_2 PITS_aircraftplugs TARAMAC-GSE PCA ADAPTER 3 aircraftplugs_7 PCA_adapter

Large stocks quick deliveries

8inch adapter ASU_coupling


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Large stocks quick deliveries

aerocouplings_hydraulic_ws InterAirport_aircraftplugs

Producer of  GSE couplings for

-airstart, Lav, Airconditioning PCA, Pure water

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NATO CAGE number : 1225070 ,  New Mil-NATO NSN :5935-13-122-5070

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