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Assembly procedure



Ice and snow on turbine blades and propellers can cause vibrations and lead to engine damage.

Consequently, engines and propellers must also be de-iced before take-off.

This task is performed using hot air inlet coupling adapter.


connect to a 8 inch,10 ,12 or 14 inch hose.


Large stock. deliveries out of stock.


Diameter: 8" or 12" , High temp. aircraft aluminum alloy or PP.

Fits ATA standard flange grip. Molded quality rubber gasket, shore A 25- 30

Rotary cam action latch handles, T1 Steel

Excellent slot fitting latch

Rotary cam action latch handles

No linkage, springs or bolts exposed

Impact tested for durability

Durable rubber pad with handle keeps the adapter into position.





A rubber pad, place into the engine cowling will de-ice the fan and compressor and turbine blades witin minutes.


Diameter: 8" or 12" , according to  ISO 1034.


ISO1034:1973 Gives the requirements for 127 mm and 203 mm connections (8 inches or 12 inches) for the purpose of air-conditioning from ground sources.


International Standard ISO 1034 replaces ISO Recommendation R 1034-1969 drawn up by Technical Committee ISO/TC 20, Aircraft and space vehicles

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