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Designed and manufactured by Aircraftplugs.


6 PINS 400 Hz , 115 Volt connector , registered plug.


Excellent abrasion resistance connector.


Sleeves are silver plated. Stainless steel screws.


Mates with the aircraftplugs MS90362 external power receptacle.


Performance and dimensions to ISO 461 (BS4G173:1985) and

appropriate MOD (Air)  and NSN Standards


Cable assemblies to client requirements avialable.


Status LEDs for 400Hz power, 28VDC control voltage and pilot contact

Control buttons let operator control 400 Hz supply and optional

temperature sensors in main contacts prevent connector from overheating


Integrated LED and push-button & 90% insert swith and thermal protection.


Used worldwide in many airline & military applications


Average change in Resistance after 100 dry cycles: < 2µΩ.  In stock.

Made in Belgium.



Part Numbers :

ACPIR400X   : 400 hz connector  

ACPIR400XT : 400 hz connector with  insert switch.

ACPIR400XI :  400 hz connector with thermal protection for main contact

ACPIR400XJ :  400 hz connector with thermal protection for 4 main contact

ACPIR400XR:  400 hz connector with thermal protection /  insert switch


available options


ACP400RXLEDR    : single led RED/GREEN/WHITE.

ACP400RXLEMP    :  Temperature sensor.

ACP400RXMICR    :  Micro switches.

ACP400RRING      : Cable retriever protection ring.

ACP400RCOVER    : Nose protection cover

ACP400RSTRAP    : Cable fixing strap


for specific assemblies, check with our sales department.


Pictures and data are non-binding and can be changed by the manufacturer without notice

Picture manual

According to :


2006/42/EC Machinery Directive, VG 95319, ISO 461, MIL-C-7974D, MS

25486, DFS 400, mates to Mil Spec MS90362 receptacle

cables_aircraftplugs3 Aircraftplugs_90%_insert 400hz_insert 400hz_insert Aircraftplugs_90%_insert

400 Hz , 115 V connector with

triple seals and replacable front head.


Optional : Temp. sensor , Switches and leds.


Replaceable nose section.



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