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Aircraftplugs® 400 Hz - 115 V  


Aircraftplugs® are robust and durable in a high usage market place.


Sleeves are solid copper, silver plated. With solenoid pin.


Extra Rugged design proven over many years of service

Affordable-make your own or repair cable assemblies on line.

Silver plated quad beam copper contacts are precisely set to insure

consistent mating forces over thousands of cycles.

Engineered to hold even on undersize pins and under

extreme temperatures and loading. Effective water seal is

formed by cable grommet and imbedded steel straps.

Plug body is molded from specially formulated high quality rubber

with superior abrasion and chemical resistance.


Available with your company logo. 22 x 10 x 4 cm , 930 gram.

protection cab available.


Made in Belgium.

400 Hz - 115 Volt




Order online.


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Aircraftplugs® 400 Hz, remote switches, leds , thermal control and insert contact. Removable head.

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