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Optional with insert switch and thermal gard

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400 Hz - 115VAC  - 6 PINS AIRCRAFTPLUG Removable head and switches and leds

Housing provides for greater resistance to abrasion from ramp surfaces and Jet A1.

LED indicators for “Power On” and “Power  Available” and

has the capability to handle four push-button switches.


6 PIN Plugs,  Performance and dimensions to ISO 461 (BS4G173:1985)

and appropriate MOD (Air) and NSN Standards.

Construction screws together in minutes.

Sleeves are solid copper, silver plated. With solenoid pin.

Resistant to UV light, moisture, chemicals and other hazards associated

with aircraft maintenance areas.

According Mil-C-7974 standard .

Thermgard temperature-sensitive Replacement Contact.

Cable assemblies manufactured to customer requirements avialable.

IP 54 Surface . Used worldwide to meet Commercial and Military Aircraft

Ground Power Supply Connection requirements.

Available with your company logo.

115 – 200 Volt AC 400Hz 6 pole

Rated for 450Amps continuous current and 1500 Amps for 1 minute

Performance and dimensions to ISO 461 and BS 4G 178


Socket control of power supply and cable reel LED indicators

Robust materials ensure long life reliability

Modular design to ensure ease of maintenance

with detachable front nose sections

Individual tubes/pins can be replaced

Crimped or soldered contacts

Suitable for a wide range of cable sizes

Available with 90% insertion microswitch


Available with thermal protection in nose section.






With  remote  switches | leds

optional thermal gard


• Robust design, All parts are replaceable

• Highly abrasion and chemical resistant material for housing: cross linked


• All contacts sealed with water proof resin

• Operating temperature range -65°C to +125°C (-85°F to +257°F)

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Minimum ordering quantity 1 unit.


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