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Portable receptables AC | DC

Portable Plugs and Receptacles are molded of Synthetic Elastomer, a proprietary compound, a compound specially selected for its resistance to moisture and chemicals as well as its ability to stand up under severe wear and tear. Power contacts are of machined copper, silver-plated to reduce contact resistance. Contact lugs may be either crimped or soldered to cables.


MS25486 specifications.


Portable Receptacles are particularly useful where a portable connection is required or for extending existing cable assemblies. Six-pole 3 poles Portable Plugs and Receptacles may be furnished in many combinations of power and control contacts, cable sizes and internal wiringarrangements.



Extra Rugged design proven over many years of service

Affordable-make your own or repair cable assemblies on line.

Silver plated quad beam copper contacts 1,2, 3, 4 are precisely set to insure consistent mating forces over thousands of cycles.

Floating contacts have Stainless Steel springs 2, 3 engineered to hold

even on undersize pins and under extreme temperatures and loading.

Effective water seal is formed by cable grommet 7 and imbedded steel straps 8.

molded from specially formulated high quality Hypolon rubber with superior abrasion and chemical resistance.

Portable receptables AC | DC

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